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Shark a & b units for sale

$1350 for the pair plus shipping. I made these from kits. Rob Fern, in the UK, put out the A unit kits in a run of 25, then later he did a second. No more will be cast. Kits features etched brass pieces for the grills. Kits were $500. I seem to have lost the ladders. A unit has a plastic frame, the B unit has a metal frame that Jason had made. Both units use Aristo FA drive units, the old style but are new from my hoard. Run fine. They are on track power, there is no sound. They hook together with a plug so pickup from both are shared. I made a cab interior with seats and a figure. Headlight works. will try to get a short video uploaded. Jason made the B unit from scratch, is not a casting. He did arrange to get the grills made from the same supplier. He only did 5 of the B units, so it is rare. B unit has some flaws on the roof. See pix. A unit has some slight rubbing of the paint from when I moved.

Moving this over to eBay.

Jerry have you sold them yet? Later RJD

No, keep meaning to move them to ebay, finally did.

Sold them, guy really likes them.

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