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Not surprising, actually.

Not using much printed parts over the years I’m not very familiar with the ins and out of the 3D printing scene but I know Shapeways would create, print and sell items directly to buyers. So I’m guessing the growing abilities to design or access free files and then print at home is what ate away at their business model. Am I close?

i think so too.
maybe, specially the newer resin printers at affordable prices, with their improved detail-quality.

They’ve always been very expensive, and have been panned in the past for exorbitant shipping costs. I think they just didnt react to market changes fast enough.

Very interesting, yes for the average modeler who wants 3d printed parts there are many economical choices. especially if you have taken the time to learn a 3d cad program. expensive , yes. there process has a little to do with the issue as well. they use selective laser sintering, or SLS for the base of all there materials, which results in a some what grainy/pebble like surface. What I have used them for is in getting brass and stainless steel/bronze sintered parts made. expensive as well but when you need a hard part in strong materials and do not want a ton of parts you do not need it has been a valuable service.

As Al said, I’ve only used them recently to make brass sintered parts. Took many weeks of lead time, but the parts I got where strong and exactly how I wanted them. For someone that didn’t have a home machine shop to make some of the more complex brass shapes this was option for me.

But for regular resin printing the prices got way out of hand. Ironically in the HO side of the hobby there was quite a few people that designed and sold cars solely through Shapeways and never touched the printing side.

I’m not too surprised either. They invested heavily in their machinery & physical plants in several cities, but their hobby “maker” clientele (like me) often bought their own (now very affordable) printers.

For those in need of higher quality or metal prints, 3DHubs, Xometry, JawsTech, etc., have been undercutting them terribly. For a few years I’ve only used SW to get a quick price check.

So there’s options for metal printing still?

Try Xometry or 3dhubs. There’s probably others though.