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September 13th layout update

Looks good Matt, which grass did you go with? I especially like that under the trees beginning at :20 in your video.

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Wish I had saved the link Matt sent me on the last video. Will have to dig for it

That section is from a company called Golden Moon. It’s 1.57" pile height.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 17-57-58 September 13th layout update - Videos - Large Scale Central

Are you leasing or purchasing the Evansville units because the RR looks killer!
Remember I’m only asking ?

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Matt is that the stuff along the tracks that looks a little hilly or varying heights??

I don’t guess I understand what you are referencing?

Right there , is that the same grass, just not smoothed under before laying the grass

That’s the same golden moon grass. I put some small pvc trim under to make rolling hills. It’s a little steeper than I wanted, but it will work for now. It looks better up around that tree. I got it too steep coming towards the road. I’ll go back and smooth it out later.

I’m using Goasis grass for the lawns that the houses are on.

Looks great Matt ! Don’t forget your low voltage power for lighting your town .

Thanks Matt, just ordered 2 small rolls, will add some pictures when I get it all installed !

I might light the town up, but I’m not sure right now. I only run trains at night, twice a year…literally.

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Awesome! Can’t wait for the pics.

I also have some of the Golden Moon, .98" pile height that has a lot of thatch in it. I like it too.