Large Scale Central

Seniors Chat (1700-1730 PDT) is open to all

Just a reminder, daily chat is normally between 5PM and 5:30PM Pacific Time, and the chat group is open to all ages!

Click on the chat button, you may have to hit it a couple times for it to open.

Those that are (Feel) young, are most welcome too. For those not into Geography, and don’t understand “Time Zones”, the chat usually starts seeing a resemblance of life, around 20:00 in the Central time zone, (New York Time) or for those that don’t comprehend the 24 hour clock…8:00 PM ECT.
We usually try to share accomplishments, failures, knowledge, local weather conditions, births, deaths, bird watching, people watching, good food ideas, good news, and of course; the sharing of FRIENDSHIP, and care.
If anyone has any of the above, to share; we WELCOME YOU with open arms, and a hearty, “Hello”…please stay and chat…we even include a lot of Rail Transportation, thoughts, Modelling, Train Watching, operations, and even Thomas and Friends if they turn your crank…!!
Some times we even see the elusive “Bob McCown” drop in to keep us on the straight and narrow…he is known to be into Large Scal Railroading !!

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Well, down here in the states, the time zones appear to be named differently; New York time is EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME (EDT) and is 5 hours behind Greenwich.

Central Time (I think of Chicago) is CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME (CDT) and is 6 hours behind Greenwich.

The basic premise is the same though…If Chat starts at 5 PM in Pacific, (PDT) than it is 8 PM in New York. The clocks go back to standard time. in November, but the differences remain the same.

When does one become a Senior ?

Oh don’t worry, you will know when it happens :smiley:

You may have missed the point…. But its cool

With the thinning hair you are allowed in.

I’m sure I DID! :innocent:

When they start giving you the senior discount at the supermarket without you asking.

Oh. Yeah, we’ve been (legally) asking. But it will be nice to not have to ask.

8:00pm is getting kinda late for some of us old farts on the east coast… But i’ll try to remember to put my walker on the right side of the bed and show up once in a while.

:grin: :innocent:

[edit] John, thanks. The westerners will be especially appreciative, since much of the erstwhile chat room action originates in the east, but shuts down when we all fall off the perch.








Been there and done that John Miller however I was not accepted so I moved on!

However I would be more than glad to pour coffee in the morning for those seniors that attend the chat!


To be honest, i do not know where the time slot came from. Ol’ Marconi already has his night cap on, sawing lumber in his sleep by 8pm.

I remember the day when I could hang out till the cows went home but now I’m lucky if I can stay up till the cows come out to play. :innocent: :sunglasses:

Your supermarket has a senior discount??? Might be worth the drive :slight_smile:

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