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Self-adjusting wire strippers

OK, I’m probably the last person to know about these, but dang if this isn’t the niftiest tool I’ve purchased recently. Strips wires easily and quickly, without nicking the core.


I bought my first set of those years ago when Marklin made some for 24+ gauge wire. Then a few years back they finally broke and I found these ones. Well worth the price!

I agree, they’re great.

Nope…second to last!

Newer version than what I have… :grin:

Talked me right into those. Inexpensive too!

I’ve been using really old and cheap fixed gauge stripper from Radio Shack for like 20 years :open_mouth:

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I have a stripper that looks identical to the one Bob posted. Maybe it’s old, but the knife side presses down too much for smaller gauges (like 18 and down). So I’ve always used a basic multi-gauge/hole stripper for those.

This one though has a pressure adjustment knob for both sides…

I haven’t tried this type, but it has adjustable strip length:

Klein is the gold-standard for electrical tools. I’m surprised those are only 19 bucks. Most Klein products carry a (well worth it) giant premium.

I received my Horusdy today. :ok_hand: