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Seen at Star Hobby Today

You never know what Dan will have on his shelves. The Erie Triplex is sold (boo) but he has lotsa new and old stuff.

I was amused to see the new Evans Boxcar, which is 1/29th I believe, in a “Big Haulers” box. Those things are huge.

I did note a pair of Aristocraft Heavyweight coaches on the shelf with no box. Looked new - could be on consignment.

A third PRR coach was on the CB&Q streamliners:

Thanks for the report Pete.

That’s one massive and beautiful MTH loco, I almost bought one just to make a big long shelf for it and let all its 24 drivers turn when one walked by it.

But the bid went too high, and I didn’t have the long spare wall. And I figgered it would scare the crap out of me when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Good Lord those smoothsides are sexy in the box! CVRR base color and all.

Better snatch them up before they slip through your fingers :sunglasses: