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Searching… Lost-PLA or Lost-Resin Casters

Hi all,

One of the issues with 3D printing for outdoor use is generally, the low melting temperatures or the instability of the plastic due to UV sensitivity.

The shop I buy my moulding supplies from also sells temperature resistant casting supplies generally designed for casting metals with low melting points.

Recently learnt that a local foundry was providing industrial casting services using a Lost-PLA technique. A web search has shown Lost-PLA casting can be scaled down for bronze or aluminium to create detailed miniatures. I recalled my father used to melt pot metal, pewter and lead (in the kitchen, no less).

Here’s an example of what can be done if you have a forge:(you can skip to the end just to see the detail).

Has anyone here played with lost-PLA or Lost-resin casting to make things in pot metal?

I know @Burl_Rice has had some brass metal castings done at a commercial place and he used 3D printed masters a few years (and kids back.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are 3d printable plastics with high heat resistance and UV stability suitable for use outdoors like ASA and PETg.

However, The true purpose of 3d printers is prototyping. Creating product markups and masters for casting. Many jewelers, dentists and tabletop miniature shops use SLA (Resin) printers for creating masters.

Thanks Dan,

That was a very educational video, with minimal waffling. Looks like it can be a significant investment in printers, resin and forge, but I like the fact that it’s not insurmountable.

As you mentioned PETG is reportedly more UV resistant. I’m about to test my imitation greenstone PETG Susanville tunnel portal outside over the summer.

I also just made my first purchase of ASA recently, but haven’t tried it, due to higher heat requirements of nozzle and plate. Have you found it to have less warping and delaminating issues than ABS, or should I continue to build an enclosure before attempting?

Love this hobby and was fascinated to see that even SpaceX used a printer to build a rocket engine and a 3d printer that extruded molten metal was used to make a pedestrian bridge to cross one of the canals in Amsterdam.