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Scale Art Parts limited production runs

For a limited time Scale Art Models Services is offering our line of 1:20.3 architectural and detail parts, Scale Art Parts, on an “on demand” basis". Due to a restructuring of my life,involving a projected move to Texas the parts line was suspended, however, due to a number of requests I am casting each order as I receive it. You can go to my website to view the catalog; scaleartparts. Please note, the shopping cart is not working so I ask that you email me a list of the parts you want, [email protected]. I will reply with a quote for the parts and shipping. If you say proceed, I will invoice you through Paypal. sorry that it’s a bit cumbersome without the shopping cart, I’ll get it going again once we’re moved.

Think about you winter projects and get an order to me pronto as I don’t know how long I’ll be able to do this; it depends on the home buyers here in the Denver area.

Thanks for you support,