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Santa Fe GP38 with working Stratolite beacon

At the first post Covid show locally, I picked up a USA Trains GP38 in Santa Fe colors. I then got the 3d printed beacon light from a seller on ebay, along with the rest of the roof stuff that many ATSF units had, but not this road number GP38. She just had the beacon till a full rebuilt that moved headlights and other major changes. I added a flasher circuit from Rapido trains, ment for HO scale, it does well in G as well. Very visable at night and about worthless in the day light, just like the real beacons were! I also upgraded the headlight with LEDs. Since I am using an RC car speed control, they make LED lighting sets that run right off the Receiver unit. Engine came with older Phoenix Big Sound installed already. I am running it with RCS 2.4ghz RC control and a 7 cell 8.4v, 5000mah NIMH RC car battery right now. Enjoy!