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Salt in your pond-clears it?

Our pond was a mess. Chemicals didn’t seem to work. So I did a massive(for me) cleaning. Cleaned the filter, pumped out most of the water, filled it back up and used some Sheer Clear and some barley extract. UV light seems to be working. It was all for naught.

Few days later my wife got some sea salt(non-iodine) and dumped some in and the pond cleared up! We’ve always used salt, but had got out of the habit. Not sure that this will work for anyone else, but worked this time for us.

Some sea salt is a necessary additive for healthy ponds. Fresh water isn’t distilled water, ya know.


Salt is a must if you have fish in your pond, you need to test the water with a digital testor to make sure the level is safe (.15% is where I keep mine at)

Keeps fish healthy and fights off must diseases and helps with stress.

My guess is that even though your UV light is working…it is not.

If the lamp is over a season old replace it, the UV lamps are only good for about 12 months of use, even though it may be lighting it will not have any UV.

I change mine every spring.

I ordered a new UV light, seemed to be falling apart on the inside.

Are you changing just the lamp or the entire unit?

On my first pond I had built I used a Aqua UV brand sterilizer, all I ever did was change the lamp every season and it held up with no issues for 8-years (when the pond was removed).

When I built my pond I have now I had to go with a Pondmaster UV sterilizer because they are the only ones UL listed for IN water use. This is certainly not built as good as the Aqua brand.

After two seasons the transformer already had to be replaced along with all the sealing gaskets.

If you do a massive water change, the water will do what you posted, give it a few weeks until all the city chemicals are gone and the water returns to its natural state again,

If you start putting chemicals i back in you will have to them keep doing that all the time. If you let the water, plants and fish maintain the pond it should clear up on its own.

I had a pond and did no chemicals at all I worked at a Water Garden store and belonged to a Pond Society in Dallas, my pond and railroad was always a big hit at the annual open houses to the public and members, many could not believe how clear my pond was. Just cleaned the filter and gave the fish just enough food that could eat in 5 minutes, Wasted food and sunlight combination are your enemies.

I hadn’t heard about Pond Societies and immediately googled Texas Pond Societies and most sites were members only. Where might we look for good pond care information?


Tropical Fish Hobbyist routinely covers ponds and water gardens. The magazine’s publisher also prints numerous books on fish care. I don’t work for them, but I’ve been a subscriber for most of the last 35 years.