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Hi all, As some may know I have been disposing of a friends garden railroad items. Among the things I found a 1:18 diecast Model T Ford Touring Car similar to this one.

The only problem was that it had been dropped or stepped on and was damaged to the point that it wasn’t saleable. I was going to toss it but thought; since it is junk let’s just make junk out of it. Here are pictures of my efforts.


Here are some shot s of it sitting in it’s future home on the layout. As soon as I get the scenery/landscape finished it can go in place as part of a larger project called Smith’s Camp. More on that later.

Thanks for taking a look. Rick


Looks good to me

Most excellent…how about some chickens?

Nice looking model T junk there Rick. I noticed a silver bridge and a tunnel portal in the back ground of one of your pictures, inquiring minds want to know? What do you use for your rock scenery?

Outstanding Rick! Beautiful job on the “T”.

Great job, Rick.

Curious… do “weathered” items sell pretty well at auction?

Thanks for the comments guys,

I use a stucco mix of plastic cement and sand.

I have no idea.


Ah yes, I remember parking that thing. Wondered where I’d left it. A bit of wax and she’ll be as good as new. hehe!

Great job Rick. :slight_smile:

Very authentic looking.
A junker you can be proud of :wink:

is it real??? or is it memorex??? great job… :slight_smile:

Looks good Rick. I think I have a clue as to the inspiration for Smith’s Camp :smiley:

Hey I think that will buff out!
Look real good.
Check the glove box for burnt credit cards. :slight_smile:

Another 10 year old thread with the pictures back.


Outstanding, very realistic Rick!