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Running a short grain train on my layout

I’m still trying to fix all the videos I recorded. The quality isn’t the best, but at least I can edit them now.

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Looks like you have made some improvements, is there a new fence or do I need to look at older videos?

Going through the fence is great! Did you need special permission to do that?

I put the fence up last year. It’s due to be stained now.

Nope! It was the best way to get the track to keep gentle curves. I plan on doing a mountain on the inside of the fence. I need to make the opening taller first. Highcubes, autoracks, and my TOFC’s won’t fit.

If I ever add a second container on my intermodals, I may need to do some major trackwork to get them to not hit the east side opening. It is within a 1/16 or maybe a little less last I looked . Fro now there is a single stack rule. Of course with 2 containers and 2 cars , it’s not an issue

I hear ya. I knew I would be close too when I made the opening. I only have 3 high cubes and one autorack. The 5 TOFC cars are RARELY run. So, it’s not much of an issue for me right now either. I’ll just have to fix the opening before I build the mountain.