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RR Mag Collection

Here is a partial list of the RR Mags I acquired (saved from Landfill). As I continue to filter through, I’ll update the file to reflect changes.

This is not a ‘for sale’ ad :slight_smile: just posting for reference

Cal I can not open that link. Was wanting to see what you are collecting as far as RR mags. May have something you maybe interested in. Later RJD


not really collecting, just posting the list of stuff I was given, would share with others that had an interest. it’s a excel file if that help…if you like-message me with your email and I’ll try to copy/paste it to you!


I’ve got quite a few I’d be willing to give away to anyone that wants them. Haven’t taken the time to catalog, but I have about 40 or so copies of Trains from the 50’s & 60s plus two or three years of GR from about 2001.

Hi Cal sent you a pm. Later RJD