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Router table + router recommendations

I am wanting to get a router table and router. For train models of course, though it is possible I might use it for larger stuff I suppose.


Spend as much as you can afford (or justify) and you won’t be sorry. I can’t make any recommendation except to not buy Kobalt. I have one at work and it’s pretty much junk.

For me, the feature of precise bit height adjustment would a #1 priority.

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Ditto what Jon said. Also, do some internet research. Read reviews, Consumer Reports is another good place to get professional opinions.

It also depends on whether you want to be corded or battery. Many of the tools are going battery. I have had good luck with my Ryobi drill motor and impact driver. I just purchased a kit with a router included, but haven’t gotten to use it yet.

I have a Craftsman (had it for at least 20 years) and it still works good.

Good luck

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This is what I have used for well over 10yrs and been very pleased with the set up. Made a lot of Amtrash not to mention old house trim and moldings.
Don’t know if the router is still available though.

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