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Rocky's Mik 2023 - Rocky's Feed & Hardware

So this is my first go at a Mik challenge…I really love the topic and the timing is perfect!

When visiting a small town, I find one of the most interesting places to visit is the local feed store…This is not the big feed mill, but rather the local shop that sells everything including hanging plants, seeds, baby chicks, animal feed, hay, pesticides, and fertilizers…and even better if they are combined with a hardware shop!

Thus we have “Rocky’s Feed and Hardware”

Design is loosely based on this place in AR:

Great to see you throw your hat in the ring, Rocky. I like the feed and hardware store idea. We had a local place like that when I was a kid. I can still smell the various feeds and leather products. This one will bring back some fond memories.

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Neat idea and glad you are joining in. I love old school feed stores. We still have a couple around town. I grew up a small town farm kid and that smell of alphalpha pellets and grain feed is a fond memory. Like you said they sold a little bit of everything.

Alrighty, so time to put up some updates! Planned to be a little further along than I am so far, but the nice weather had me out running trains instead!
Anyways, here is the foundation for Rocky’s Feed and Hardware! The long narrow bit on the back is a double sided shed, allowing for boxcar unloading on the rear and truck loading on the front wings.

Coming along nicely, Rocky. What is the material you are using for the foundation? Also, how d oyou like the Ryobi pin (I assume) nailer? I hope you like it because I ordered one a few days ago and it should arrive today.

I like it. What are you using for the foundation. . .did I miss something. Looks like PVC lumber?

Thanks Dan!
The base is made from foamed pvc trim and assembled with E6000 and pin nails.

The pin nailer is fantastic!!! It can be a little hard to find the nails in the store, so consider buying them online. Even if they have them in stock, sometimes the boxes get lost in the shelves since they are so much smaller than everything else around them. Made a couple big truss bridges with it this summer.

Thanks for the info, Rocky. Yeah, I have a pin nailer now, it just runs on air and is leaking and there are noo repair parts available so I had to buy a new one and decided to try the battery route since Mama doesn’t like the air compressor running in the house :grimacing:

Looking good Jeff. (Pseudonyms are hard to pull off on this site)

Uh-oh. I didn’t know they made one! I have a large stable of Ryobi 18V tools and batteries. I have a Grex Pinner, which I really like, but dragging the portable air tank out to use it is a pain. Might have to consider this.

The pin nailer is absolutely great! Ryobi has some really revolutionary stuff successfully pulled off in battery. My other 2 favorites are the string cutter (or “weed whacker” if you’re in NE) and most recently I got a brushless hammer drill with SDS+ bit driver that’s helping me blast through actual granite boulders! The brushless impact wrench is no joke too!

How’d you ever manage to crack through my bullet proof nom de plume?? My whole Rocky empire is at risk now! Lol

Long memory :grin: and perhaps some business dealings?

I had reason to lay low on the internet many moons ago. Tried using a psuedonym that got busted wide open every few weeks by the old timers! I’m sure a few remember the Daktah.

Re Ryobi: My hands aren’t what they used to be and at times I need to apply a lot of tube adhesive at work. They make a power caulk gun that works great. I’ve not been happy with the weed whacker I got a few years ago. Auto feeds too often.

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Okay, quick update post! The foundation is completed and now I’m adding some structural components which will be covered over later with corrugated plastic for siding. Although the plywood components will be covered up, the plan is to seal them up ahead of time just in case the water makes its way inside. The whole base will also be painted gray to help disguise the pvc board into a more concrete looking foundation structure.

The front section of the building is for walk-in retail. The narrow section out back will have 4 loading docks, 2 for unloading boxcars on the backside and 2 loading bays for cars and trucks on the front side.

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Looking really good and sturdy Rocky! Cannot wait to see more progress

That is going to look neat with the different roof lines.

Coming together quite nicely, Rocky.