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Rockwall Canyon in August '22

Hi all,
Just wanted to share my latest video of my Rockwall Canyon RR. I ended up changing around the north end loop and replaced some long track sections with new TrainLi Proline flex track to improve looks. G Scale | Rebuilding track for better operating. Awesome new track from @TrainLi - YouTube

Beautiful layout, Rocky. Nice travelogue through it.

I didn’t catch which type of Train Li track you bought, but mine is theirs as well, nickle-plated. I love it, because I’m still rail-powered, and I don’t have to clean it much (it doesn’t oxidize).


Thanks so much! The track I bought is just plain ole brass. Since I’m battery only, I rather like the darker colored brass they formulated, I’m sure it will further darken naturally like my LGB rails. So glad to hear the coated rail has worked well for you! I like working with TrainLi, their items are truly top notch and the personal service is great too.

Cool! Yeah, Axel and Joanne are great, though I think it’s only J who’s running the show now, out of Reno. Super nice people.

I’ll miss them at whatever ECLSTS will turn out to be.