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Rocks and Trains

Alright this week’s video contains two exciting reviews, another fun tour of the railroad, and I subject you all to some whacky New Hampshire story telling. This narrative was actually played out in real life not far from my location at Salem, NH’s “Mystery Hill.” There’s lots of great stories in these hills, but don’t believe everything you read :slight_smile: .

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Thanks for the video, Rocky. I actually watched it on u-tube last night. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Dan! That’s really cool that you already came across the video!

Nice video and back story! We will be waiting for some proof it is a henge, keep us informed, if it doesn’t propel you to a different dimension!

Thanks Pete! I’m afraid my henge can only tell you if its Train time or Miller time. :wink:

Rocky, are those two mutually exclusive? :sunglasses:

Sounds good enough for me!!! Beer 30

Fun video that makes me jealous of the amount of wooded land you have to build in!