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Just messing around yesterday afternoon and made this . Took one of my figures and manipulated it while it was still curing. Found plans on the web for a casket.

that guy doesn’t look dead enough. shoot him once more!


is that 1:20.3?

Yes that is a 1:20.3 scale figure…i am currently makeimg mols for all the parts…

First one out of the mold. It dont take long for the onlookers to show up…

could you show a pic of the mold(s), please?

I like the chair

Need to do the “stones” too.

Landrel, it looks like those two guys in the blue overalls are dying to get in that casket.

thank you!

Wonderful work, Landrel! Love it!

Thanks Ty

I also have that chair as a kit…


Here are pics of it painted . I also cast a new lid with a cross on it…


yep, well done.

the sheriff reminds me of the Duke in True Grit… (1st edition)

It is a figurine from Franklin Mint . The John Wayne collection. They are about 1/24 - 1:22.5 scale… You can find them on ebay…


So are you going to make a dude in his Sunday best suite next ?

It came out great!

John Wayne looks great in the doorway