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Ridge Live Steamers Operations

Friday will begin the second 1 1/2 inch scale Ops of this Winter Season. It will be setup on Friday, Ops all day and into the evening Friday and Saturday night and continue until 2. After that, is the gathering of cars and putting everything away. Almost as much fun as the OPs.


All that want to participate or just watch are welcome. It is based on the traditional Car Card/Waybill format, but with the added challenge of extra riding cars to carry the switching crews. There are also Passenger Trains running on the hour to a schedule and they have priority. There is usually room on one of these trains, if someone wants to just observe and ride. V.I.P. treatment is given to those that R.S.V. P., but walk-ins are always welcome. Just don’t be surprised if you get pulled into joining the fun.


Yes, I copied some of this from my other post.