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Ride along for one lap around my original mainline

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Cousin Matt,
You better pull that video before dad and uncle Ric see it!! Your,you’re, U R running way to damn fast and breaking all kinds of OPERATING rules !

Oh crap too late!

BTW…that’s a woman’s railroad compared to dads!


Fun ride, I love it Matt! Nice job!

Matt, Is that back yard to scale? I got the feeling of travelling for miles. Your backyard appears like could fit in a small Costco. Wow!

That sure is a lot of track. Great ride - Thanks!

We had a street fair yesterday so the CVRR ran some trains and then I jumped on a freight. Just need to remember to keep my elbows in as it bumped me twice. It’s actually my original mainline as well (circa 2007) just some realignment here and there.

It’s OK Cuz…I got a woman’s RR too. :grinning:


Looks very nice, Rooster!

However, I was a bit disappointed on two points:
1- NO audio?
2- NO Amtrak? :innocent:

1-This one has audio, either that or turn up your hearing aid!
2-Passenger service was handled that day by an old friend that was a hell of an engineer with an attitude! :wink:

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Yeah, I CAN hear this one…

I thought EVERYBODY had an attitude… :innocent:

Lots of track, but no industries shown, that would be served by a railroad, so what was the conceived purpose of the railroad, other than to watch a video of a train travelling a rather long distance…Watching a train run is nice and enjoyable, but on a run that long, without walking beside it, you wouldn’t see it except on video…
If that is what turns you on…GREAT…but there are other areas of interest when modelling a railroad.
There was a heck of a lot of work, and money, put into that VERY large loop of track. And, the track appears to be well laid, and maintained.
My comments are to be taken constructively, so Please, Please, take no offence.
Fred Mills

That is one lap? Where do you live, Forest Lawn?
I never owned a property that big that was that developed!
Loved the video. I almost went to get popcorn to watch it, as it was long, had terror parts where I was afraid to see a derailment from the rock and debris on the track, and a happy ending! :slight_smile:

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I’m kinda fond of women myself cuz! haha!

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I’m still building. It’s a time/money issue. When I have one, I don’t have the other. haha!

I should have cleared the tracks first, or even sprayed for the weeds. But I hadn’t. That section is still under development and I need to make up my mind on what to do there.

Cousin Matt,
Freddy must be talking to you? However I thought you had industries as well just not seen on video. Maybe he needs to visit your PIKE and walk beside it ?
I myself have industries however the cost of OPERATIONS forced the one owner to pull up a siding spur and cease mining OPERATIONS years ago. So these days the owner of the industry just drives his product (by yard tractor) to the side of the MAINLINE and throws it onto the train as it moves at break neck lionel speed.

The bonus is if he misses on the first try he will get multiple try’s at it goes round and round!


I do have inustries. I have the SRB Feed and Seed Grain elevator. The depot and the Scot Lad distribution center. Evenutally there will be more, but I have other projects I want to complete first.