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Rick's MIK 23

When Dave announced this years topic the first thing that popped into my mind was a scruffy looking guy with a grocery basket loaded with bundles and junk. My wife shot that idea down before I could even get going with it. Probably just as well, I don’t think I could have found a grocery basket in 1:20 scale anyway :grin:

So for this years Challenge I will be doing a building from a picture I had in my someday file. There is just something about this little building that appeals to me. Maybe it is the large display windows and simple architecture or maybe just the ice cream sign :yum: :grin:

Of course I have to change it some, lose the garage to the right and change it from a Dairy Products store to a Butcher Shop. So it will come to life as Max’s Meat Market. Even with losing the garage it will still come in around 18 inches square, hope I can find someplace on the layout for it.

Napkin drawing, sort of, just trying to sort out dimensions from the picture using the door way as a 36 inch width.

Did a quick inventory of supplies on hand and think I’m in pretty good shape.

The front and sidewalls will be brick embossed into the 1/4 inch Sintra the base will be the 1 inch foam, the back wall loading dock area will be Redwood siding. Plenty of Styrene strip/sheet for doors and windows and also some Plaststruct gravel roofing sheets I may or may not use.

Ready to start.


Why change from ice cream to meat? Not that I don’t like meat. But… ice cream!

Bacon shakes. Best of both worlds.

Looks like a good build. Instead of the garage how about a door where the meat rail enters the cooler. Then hang a beef quarter on it.

Can’t wait to see your craftsmanship at work, Rick. Who doesn’t like meat :yum:

OK help me out here… WTF is the flex seal spray can for?

Yes, ice cream is number one but my dad, Max, was a meat cutter for most of his working life and has always been a great admirer and supporter of my railroading hobby so it was more than time to give some recognition.

Devon, all of that will be at the loading dock at the back of the building. I have a fair knowledge of the layout as I spent the Summer after HS graduation working for Dad in the shop. We, later I, made meat and produce deliveries to a lot of the resorts and lodges on Shasta Lake by truck and boat. Boy what a Summer for an 18 year old kid, that was the Summer of the introduction of the topless swim suite :yum: :grin:

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The Flex Seal makes a great water proof overspray for the roof. I have used it a lot for roofs and also turntable pits. Good stuff, comes in black, white, gray, and clear that I know of.

Could it work also as a waterproof adhesive if messed with while wet?

it should, they advertise it as a roof and gutter seal and it sure sticks!

I have used the spray stuff to waterproof all sorts of stuff. Never dawned on me to use it on a model roof. Thats a great idea. I have used sand in paint to give a sort of asphalt look and I am thinking that flex seal with a course sand could make for a nice roof. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I intentionally shied away from structures with a flat roof when comptemplating this years project because I hadn’t worked it out in my mind how to waterproof the the roof. Now I have the solution. Thanks guys.

thought I should mention that I have found that Flex Seal sticks to everything but once it is dry nothing sticks to it. I know the ads say that it is paintable and it is except it won’t stay. Also I have tried several glues and they won’t stick. Perhaps the answer for that is to use, like you mentioned, the Flex Seal as the glue, Hmmmm have to give that a try.

First off, using the Flex Seal as a glue seems to work very well going Styrene to wood.

Now a progress update.

My usual starting place a cardboard mock-up to satisfy myself with the size and layout. The masking tape is where I decided to make the windows a little smaller.

At the back of the building I have added a loading dock with a walk in freezer on the left side, the door will be on the side wall. The doors into the back of the shop and the freezer will have the trolley rail above them for moving the products from the delivery truck into the shop.

All the brick walls are cut the embossing has started, I did a quick count on the wall I’m working on and the vertical lines will take over 3K pokes with the screwdriver to get it done, Crap, that’s the smaller wall sections.

To give my hand a break and relieve the boredom I started a few detail parts for the roof. A few attic ventilators, a couple of Condensing units for the meat cases and a cooling tower for the chiller that handles the 2 walk-in boxes.

More to come if I ever get done with the embossing.


Have fun embossing!

Those are cool roof details. How did you make them?

And that’s exactly why I didn’t want to tackle my brick building yet…

Good luck!

The condensing units are just blocks of wood, Styrene sheet and screen wire glue and paint.
The roof vents are some plastic pop in screw covers from the junk box and Styrene tube and sheet.

Still to add are the electrical disconnect boxes, refrigerant lines and roof pitch pockets.

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you are such a great modeler. Very much enjoy your builds. You have me real curious about using flex seal as a glue. If it sticks to styrene as well as you say and I am hoping it sticks to foam as well (without eating the foam) this maybe a way to do foam core with styrene skins for buildings. Gonna have to give that a try.

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I like your mock up of your build and the roof details are very nice.

My build will also have a flat roof but I’m planning on angling it towards the back with the facade on 3 sides to disguise it.
That flex seal is a great idea but how long does it last in the can when first sprayed? Is it like spray foam where it is best to use it all in one go?
Flex seal also makes a tape for the same price as the spray. I wonder if that would work just as good for the roof?

My building will also be a parapet wall on three sides and a sloped roof, not a flat roof.

It’s pretty much like spray paint as far as can usage goes, I have several partial cans that have sat around for 2-3 years and I still get good use from them. It can also be bought in quart cans in several colors for brush application.

I have used the gray brush on to coat the cement board in a couple of my turntable pits. One of them has been out for 5-6 years with no issues at all.

Devon ,
For what it’s worth I have used polyurethane sealant (Vulkim seal) as a binding glue to hold wood strip to foam insulation board and also to hold home made metal siding to wood under structure. I think I showed/explained it somewhere back in my South Fork Timber build thread.

Down to 2k pokes now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you get tired of poking, I’ll let you poke a brick wall or 4 in a slightly smaller scale. :roll_eyes: