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Ric Golding....does he still exist....?....! I hope so

What has happened to young Ric Golding ?
Has he drowned in Face Book over watering ?
I hope he and Jan are alive and RAILROADING.
Somehow without his contributions, this web page is not as welcoming as it used to be.
Fred mills

What a statement to slight the rest of the sites users.

I too look for Rics postings but I don’t believe he is the only person to enhance this site.
I am certainly glad Ric doesn’t think of himself this way

I was also thinking of Ric and Jan today and miss the reports of their summer travels. I seem to remember that Jan was having some surgery so perhaps that has been a concern. Hope they’re great.

Just so no one gets worried before Ric shows up. Jan had knee surgery and has recovered well, but thinking of getting second one done. Ric is active on FB and probably lurks here regularly.

If you look close, I think he may have appeared In Matt’s BS video, running the switchback.

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I just got a message from Ric on FB asking how my Florida place had coped. I’ll tell him you are worried about him . . .

Never heard of the guy myself !

Ric is alive and well. They were at the bluestone southern op’s last weekend.

I’m sorry. A thousand apologies. Yes, we are fine. Jan has recovered nicely and last Monday got a clean bill of health with a steroid shot in the right knee (yep, right under the knee cap. She is a trooper) because of over compensating for the left knee. Dr. Morton did great work and said the best therapy is get out and use it. Of course, this is a guy that road 442 miles from Nashville, Tn. to Natchez, Mississippi in 25 hours. More power to him. We can testify, that he is great with knees. Last week was 16 weeks, since she had her new knee installed and she is now walking without a cane. Perfect, not yet, but getting there.
Soooooooo, we are still planning to head for Florida, November 1st.
Thank you all for the concerns.
Why the absence from LSC? No real answer. However, with the extra care needed for Jan and a lack of time, I started using my cell phone for email and Facebook. I guess I have really got away from sitting at my desk and browsing LSC and other sites. I will try to do better.
Thank you all for your concern and I will try to do better. Its great to have such wonderful friends. Nobody can have too many.

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Why bother to try and do better because I personally “wasn’t” “was not” and “ain’t” concerned in the least about you. However If you would answer the “telephone” when someone calls which you “do not”… "don’t "… this post would be obsolete I believe?

That’s how I see it …

I do miss Ken a metric sh*t ton ! I am incredibly thankful for Large Scale Central though.


In answer to the original question…

I’ve only met Ric Golding face to face a couple of times, the last event being earlier this year. Yep, he existed then. Great guy. Wonderful man.

But he’s existed for me in many other virtual contexts, by way of conversations here on LSC. And in all those, Ric’s been very much present.

So, the question of “does he still exist” is an inherently metaphysical one, inviting conversation on his presence, regardless of state.

And the same can be said for all of us.

In my opinion, Ric is an existential heavy hitter, regardless of context.

And whatever the answer is to the original question, I hope I’ll be able to step up to the existential plate and, from the perspective of my meager batting average on that plane, say he’s always hitting the home run.

OK, I think I’m digging myself into a philosophical hole, while also mixing metaphors to an abominable degree, so I’ll stop digging…


Bottom line is…
“Rumskis” are less than impressive, when not being poured by Ric…!!!
I’ll let Ric describe a Rumski…if he still remembers the years of the Rumskis…

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I think I can still remember Fred, however there are a few less brain cells than there used to be.

Ski is a local citrus beverage, soda or pop. It is much like Mountain Dew, but with a much larger dose of caffeine and sugar. There is a diet version and even some flavored versions, but the citizens of Clinton County, Illinois, go for the real sugar, lots of caffeine and bottle or draft are preferred for the purists. It is produced by the Excel Bottling Company of Breese, Illinois. To get a case of bottled Ski, requires that you turn in an equal number of empty bottles and they must be in the wooden soda pop case. There are a limited number of cases left and they are highly prized. You are welcome to check out their website for more info.

Now for travel and out of County gatherings, you can purchase Ski in an aluminum can and in the early 2000’s it was even found in US Marine Corp Camps, as far away as Kuwait and Iraq, plus many other places in the World. Care packages from home always lift a person’s spirit. And they even drank it warm.

Ski was created in 1961, but the RumSki, who knows. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the local government may have been involved and not knowing where or when it was created, but a tradition was started. If it was created there or on the back roads of Clinton County or maybe at a campsite or a boat anchored for the evening or fishing trip or gathering, may be lost to missing brain cells or a simple good time. You see in Illinois, you can’t drink beer or liquor in the State Parks. However, the Park Rangers will not challenge what is in a can of Ski. So the recipe is quite simple. You pop the top on a can of Ski. You take a good chug of that citrus flavored sugar and caffeine. The ice cold beverage is already beginning to make you feel better. How much you swallow on that first slug is your choice, but you top that Ski can right up to the top with Captain Morgan’s finest and the RUMSKI is born. Bourbon, whiskey, moonshine and even beer has been tried, but it takes fine Spiced Rum, to really bing out the flavor of the SKI.

The history of RumSki’s and a complete tutorial on their formulation was given long ago at an Invasion in a galaxy far far away…

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Thank you, Bruce. Good memories.

Never heard of the guy myself

Fascinating! I haven’t seen Ski out east, but maybe the recipe and method might work with something like Pepsi (RumPsi), Stewarts (RumWart), or Cherry 7-up (RumZup)? Or, if real fruit flavor is a key element, we like Sanpellegrino (RumRino?).


Rumski, not to be confused with a shotski