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Revolution RX mount

Quick and dirty mount for the Revolution RX. Keeps everything lined up instead of just floating around. I’ll have the STL up on Thingiverse in a bit.

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Nice ! Where were 6 locos ago :thinking:

Yea, Im not sure why I didn’t make these a few years ago. Every install I’m always making some custom mount for the application. I think I need to go back and retrofit these in a couple of my messy installs.

STL is now up on my Printables account

Pretty neat - never even heard of Printables before as I always used Thingiverse.
But I found Yeggi which lets you search for ALL models.

Yea, I use Yeggi to search around to see if there is already a model I can use.

Thingiverse has lots of issues. Your login doesn’t persist beyond about a day, the site is often overloaded, the internal search is very flaky, etc. And just this past fall, they stopped generating the zip file of a project, so if you find something you like, you have to download each stl individually. Which, on a large project, can be dozens of files.

Ah, good points. I wondered when they got rid of the “ALL” files option - what a pain!
Never had any issues with the login, but I can sure relate to the other issues. It IS nice to find another site!