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Revolution DCC system: is there a decent how-to doc. anywhere:

I have Revolution’s new 59xxx series DCC system. Hand held transmitter and the little, “receiver,” that installs between battery pack and the decoder of one’s choice. Got it working for a new little lokie I built up. Works good. Not that Revo’s, “manual,” was much help, because it wasn’t. Got it going half by guessing. Now I’m trying to set up a second locomotive. Moved the receiver over to new lokie. I did find I had to dig up an old Revo linking cable and button, because none came with the transmitter when I bought it. Manual says nothing about having to have or use that. All guesswork. Worst manual I’ve ever seen.

So…has anyone turned up a step-by-step document that tells me how to get my second locomotive going? I can enter it’s cab and name, but cannot get anything set up as second locomotive. My manual that came with the unit says, “tentative,” and no newer version can be found.

Any help/tips would be appreciated,

Dennis in E WA state


If you had not already done so, the following resources may be of help:

Precision RC Train Engineer Revolution Support (requires log-in to download manuals):

Paul Norton’s Revolution Throttle Tips

Precision RC’s Linear Base Station:

Greg Elmassian has many different “pages” about the Revolution that can be searched for on his website:


Thanks, Ted. I’ve examined the Revo site several times and downloaded what applied. Has not helped at all. Greg always has interesting information, I’ve look through some of it, but it deserves a re-visit for this purpose now. I saved Paul Norton’s information. Initially, I wonder if it applies to the non-DCC version of Revo, but I need to read more, carefully. Precision RC’s page seems to apply to hardware I do not use. So this is all a start; I know that at some point we are all beginners, and I’m personally feeling that with myself on this. I wish I could find a sensibly written, “quick-start,” step-by-step guide. Maybe I’m asking too much. Thanks again.


Though not exactly Revo DCC, you may be able to glean similar techniques to try when looking at non DCC material, such as on Paul Norton’s site.

Yes, I agree with you about a good step by step guide. I attempt to do that with various topics in my “vignettes” hosted for me by Greg E. on his website.

When you figure out what you need to make things work, it would be very much appreciated that you post a thread with your step by step guide.

Thank you,