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Review desired: TrainTek Adapt-A-Board

I have this product listed as an alternative to adding a decoder to USA trains locos.

It’s a board that replaces the original mother board, and has a socket for a QSI, etc.

What I have never gotten a description of, or seen, is the LED kit for replacing all the LEDs in the loco, since this board only drives LEDs.

The LED “kit” is $60, and I cannot get any information on it, pictures, etc.

Has anyone installed this product with the LED kit, and can share observations and pictures? I’m actually trying to help the guy by giving him space on my site, but no information or feedback. The lighting in USAT Diesels is arcane to be kind, all different lights, voltages, mounting methods.

So, I’d like to see the solution from Train-Tek that is worth $60, done right it could be worth it.

Thanks, Greg