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Retired ‘Big Boy’

Watch the Retired ‘Big Boy’ Steam Train Rescue a Stalled Freight Train in Nebraska


Great video, Mark. Thanks for sharing.

Neat to see. But why was it pulling so many baggage cars behind it? Had as many baggage as it did passenger cars.

I suspect the baggage cars are support. Most restored steam locos pull a support vehicle or two behind, with space for staff to hang out between trips, workbenches, spare parts, etc. It can be tricky to find a gudgeon pin when the loco breaks one in the middle of the desert.

There are also several videos of 844/8444 helping out pushing a stalled freight. I think I read an article in ‘Trains’ once, where the Train Boss was heard to remark “we may not have tractive effort, but we sure got horsepower”. Here’s one:

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Water car Jim Adams (UPP 809)

No. 844

Water car Joe Jordan (UPP 814)

A flag unit

Tool car Art Lockman (UPP 6334)

Boiler car Howard Fogg (UPP 209)

Baggage Car Lynn Nystrom (UPP 5714)

Power car 207

Crew car Willie James

Crew car Omaha

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