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Resin Casting 3D Printed Peoples

I seem to be getting the hang of it but it’s certainly harder than it looks. I was making a mess of them but this mold (number 6 or something like that) came out well. Anyhow, here is a pic of the original 3D print and his two clones:

Nice work!

Very realistic. They look like the three guys who were supervising the one worker on the road maintenance project down the street, this morning.

Not bad. The castings look pretty close to the original.

You almost have to do a two piece mold, when you have arms sticking out like that. If there is a tricky part to cast, like a chin or something, you can put a little resin in there first, when you cast later it will stick to it. You want to use up the resin fairly quickly, after a month or two it can go bad.

Yeah, I tried the cylinders method and just cutting them out but that didn’t work very well. I’m having much better success with two part molds. I also found it’s important to put enough vents in too. And two passes like you mention for the chin area and feet.

I have some new figures I’m working on and a couple of animals as well. I’ll make a new Shapeways order as soon as I get a couple more done.

the result of the attempt is really amazing, the figures are quite realistic, I like the fact that the details are strickly depicked!)

You planning on selling any of the castings?

I’d like to, but I’m not sure I’m quite at ‘commercial’ quality yet- but I’ll keep trying…

Anyhow, here is a group of all the figures I have so far, some are the original 3D prints, some are castings-

I’m learning a lot, mostly what NOT to do, ha.

If you will make your self a small vacuum chamber you don’t have to make all those vents. I made this one. I don’t use it for pressure cast in but I use it for pulling out all the air before pouring the part and after I have poured the part.