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Replacement parts for Bachmann

Unfortunately I have not been able to run my Bachmann steam engines very much, but hopefully I am approaching that time quickly. But I keep reading about all these gear failures, Climax dead after only 30 minutes, etc., and parts availability is dropping, etc. So should one stock up on certain parts while they are still there? Things like delicate parts like the Shay hose hangers, steps? I did buy 2 of the 440 D axel and both my 1st gen Shays have the metal trucks ready to go. What are the common issues for the K27, C19, 2nd gen Climax, 3 truck Shay and 2662 engines? What should I look at getting while getting is available?

The later issue models you list are generally thought to be quite reliable. I have all you mention, my favourites being the Climax and K-27. Certainly the die cast truck Shays, the C-19, 2-6-6-2, reworked Climax and 2-6-0 are good runners. They learnt their lessons with the earlier models - usually poor drivetrain designs and some sketchy wiring. The PnP board on these later models, including the K-27, make battery and dcc conversion a synch.

If anything stock up on fragile detail parts. Max