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Replace keypad on Revolution Transmitter

The bottom right (9 and #) keys on my Revolution Transmitter have stopped working. Makes programming a locomotive difficult.
Is it possible to source and change the keypad or is it a new transmitter.

Parts are available from

You will need to determine if your problem is the rubber buttons or the printed circuit board beneath it.
I have restored a couple of them with a new rubber button assembly. If the pcb is the culprit ( a previous battery leakage eats the printed circuit) it’s probably better to go for a new transmitter.
I am the G gauge general manager at my train club and I now insist the users of our transmitters remove the batteries at the end of the operating session. Even Duracells leak when exhausted. HTH :slightly_smiling_face:

Years ago, you could send products damaged by leaking cells to the battery maker for free replacement. That ended when cells started being used in more than toys and flashlights!

I’ve had very bad luck with Ray-O-Vac Alkaline cells. I used to buy them for my 2-stick radio when I’d go through a set in a day or two of running because they were the cheapest. I’ve since changed to Energizer, but like you say, even the best ones will leak eventually.

We are having great results with Home Depot’s house brand batteries, in hand-held radios, and control transmitters.
They seem to be up to high standards…at least the one at HD Canada…their prices are reasonable in the large packs, and offer a container that is easy to open and close.