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Repair for Bachmann Christmas Gandy Dancer?

Are parts available to repair a Bachmann Christmas Gandy Dancer? It appears that the gears are split as well as the plastic around the axels. I can get it to move in a jerky motion.


Doesn’t look like Bachmann offer gears for this, but they might have the housing you need.

There is a guy on Facebook that machines gears for all sorts of g scale stuff, I believe it’s delrin which is supposed to be very good for gear material, all you need to do is give him a tooth count and size. His name is Jiro Yeramian.

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I don’t do Facebook. Can someone post his contact info?

His email is [email protected]. Told him you are emailing him. Good luck!

Personally I won’t be dealing with until late January when I get back to the cabin as I left it up there to mess with. I’ve got several of the different versions so have to take apart to see what all I have.

Depending on the size of the gears, you might be able to find a replacement at Stock Drive Products. It’s a dangerously addictive site for all your mechanical needs.

I heard back from Bachmann and they stated they do not have parts for this any longer.

The best way to get new gears from Jerry Yeramian is to send him the old axle with the split gears. Then he knows the sizes, etc.

I have had great success with him. He did the axle gear for the ten-wheeler, which I think Eric is now using in his North Pole/Star loco. I just sent him the axle out of he Kalamazoo 4-4-0 to be reproduced.

It appears to me that I would need to remove the complete unit from the Gandy Dancer. I don’t see anyway to get the axels off. Has anyone here ever done this?

Timmy, you did look on the Bachmann Parts website for the exploded diagram? It looks quite simple to take apart.

(It’s here:

I did not see that. Thanks!