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Repair and replanting Bridge 44A

Earlier this year I took this bridge out and brought it into my barn for much needed repairs.

earlier in Bob’s thread I did post a picture of the rotted bench work beyond the bridge which is also repaired.

Unfortunately I didn’t document the work for you guys , but here is the finished product.

Many of the bent bottoms were replaced due to rot. they were sitting on pressure treated supports that were more rotten than they were.

all of the lighter colored wood was replaced while upside down in the barn.

Once completed the bridge was reset in position, and the footings were replaced a couple at a time with PVC trim boards, painted a dark brown.

I used pea stone or river rock to simulate the river, and red rock from home depot for the rest, all atop weed block film.

hopefully this will help keep from getting the string trimmer too close. Built back better from 2008 initial installation.

Looks great Al. When I was there I was too busy making sure I didn’t fall off that bridge to notice the guard rails outside the running rails. I assume this was an RGS practice. Looks cool!

Jon, All,

One thing I forgot to mention above is what the PVC supports were attached to.

When I first planted the bridge I dug down a ways so that I could put in a continuous concrete log

with rebar approx. 6" square that is under the entire length of the bridge.

The original supports were screwed to the concrete forms left in place.

The new ones were screwed into the concrete using a Blue colored concrete anchor I got at Home Depot.

Al P.

Morning Al,


Feel bad about not getting your way this year, again. Still in the area, who knows. Like the work you’ve done. Your work is always an inspiration.