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Removing number board lenses

Anyone have a good method of removing lenses without destroying them. I’m repainting a gp40 and I need to get these lenses out in one piece.

They should pop out with a gentle push from the outside. I’ve always had mine come loose after the 91%bath.

Never tried it but I’ve heard of guys putting parts in the freezer to break bonds loose.

I use an Xacto with a chisel blade to remove windows and similar items. Slide the blade in under the edge and if necessary cut through the glue without going in to the actual window/lens.

Being a modeler for more then 50 years and painting models is probably my most favorite part of the hobby, disassembly of models (engines and rolling stock) is probably one of the hardest, or should I say the most though of how to do it and have success in not damaging any of the parts being removed. I would say removing windshields and clear glasses like number boards that are glued in are always the hardest, probably because they are glued in and you don’t want to crack the glasses. I have not found any thing other then just using an X-Acto knife and cut along the inside edges of the glass and applying pressure to push the glass out, it’s a feel process and applying pressure is something you learn over time, to much and you break the glass. I also use my Dremel at time, but in most cases the A-Axto works best, good luck.