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I love Remote Control toys. Such as the RC train, RC car, RC plane. I have 2 RC trains but there is no RC car at this moment. I want to buy RC cars with an FPV camera. Can any member suggest to me? Which RC car best for me? Please share the details.

Greetings, Marwen, and welcome to LSC!

What kind of trains do you run, and are you looking for cars that are compatible in scale and time/era ?

I have a lot of 1940s, '50s, and '60s cars and trucks on my layout, 1:24 scale diecast (supposedly “collector” models, meaning more expensive), but none of them run around, so I can’t hlep you, but I know there’s plenty of guys here who can.

Cameras in cars are normal these days, and now they’re showing up in RC vehicles too. Cameras come in different forms and types. RC cars deserve the kind that is tiny, possess a decent wide-angle, are flexible enough to cover different angles, and have night vision.

RC cars with an FPV camera

  1. DEERC DE36W Remote Control Car with 720P HD FPV Camera
  2. DeXop Newest 2.4Ghz 4WD Off-Road Remote Control Car with HD Camera
  3. KOOWHEEL RC Car for Adults and Kids with FPV Camera HD 720P
  4. Hobby-Ace Drift RC Vehicle with 0.3 MP FPV Camera

For more details, You can visit RC cars with an FPV camera.

I would think the cameras would have to be very rugged in addition! (