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Remote Control Systems Transmitter (RCS Down Under)

Do any of you know what this transmitter is called or how it operates. It works but just not sure on the button configurations?
I looked at Tonys website but did not find it there.

It’s the old “Elite” series that Tony first made years ago. Has a 9 volt battery in the back that pops out. No on/off switch. Different TX/RX are color coded.
Left to right.
Speed increase, stop, speed decrease, direction change, shift key

Hold the shift key and the up arrow to trigger sound function #1,
Hold shift key and the S to trigger sound function #2
Hold Shift key and the down arrow to trigger sound function #3

I have a old wiring diagram for these if you need it.

Shift key … is that the black button on the side ?


Also, range can be a problem with these. I never got any of mine working to the point where I was comfortable not being within five or ten feet of the locomotive. YMMV of course.

I know I got good range out of them 50+ feet. Dave Goodson wired the antenna to a wheel connection, and thus made the rail a huge antenna. I remember a few times at Goodson’s layout during ops holding the TX to the rail to get better reception when the train was far away from me.

Thank you !
I will give it a go .

And the speculation on Rooster and steam is verified as none of the controllers were sold separately. So Rooster got #20 :sunglasses:

I’m vindicated!
:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Not really ?
I did not say “Where” I got controller #20? I simply asked a question in which Craig answered with the information that I was looking for.
Thanks again Craig!! … :wink:

So does sound trigger #1 trigger a whistle or a horn? :thinking:

If it’s a steam controller as rumor says than I would suspect a whistle as opposed to a horn.


Not true. I purchased the RailPro hand controller that went with the loco Gary took. Gary sold me the Railpro loco module after the sale was done. I gifted the newer RCS of USA controller that came with #345 that I took home which leaves me with the newer RCS board to dispose of if anyone can use it.

So, the speculation/controversy about a sooty rooster continues.


Can I get a double Amen (only for 20 character limit) !

That sounds like an implicit confession. So you bet, amen to that Brotha, keep going!

Depends how the receiver is wired to the sound card, which was separate. I used a Sierra in my #15 with the RCS Elite rx + TX.

Range, as Craig says, was fine. I recall using mine at Rog’s RGSEast and at the other side of the layout some poor guy’s loco kept driving itself off the siding onto the dirt. I switched my rx+tx to a different address after that.

I probably have a scanned copy of the instructions if anyone needs it.

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Once again thank you Craig. I may want that schematic if available. Ya’ know just in case.


Do you have pics of #15 with the RCS Elite ?

Rooster, I’ve got them somewhere that I can dig out and take some snaps of.

I’m assuming it has sound?

Yes, but there are some wires that I’m not sure what they do. It’s not a big deal but I wouldn’t mind seeing a schematic.

Just how picky are you?

Here’s a schematic you can see… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: