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Regners new live steam Heisler

Video of the newly released Regner Heisler. Ran great on the first try and perfect speed.

Really enjoyed your run and RR. What was length of run time?

How do you hide the pull sting in your videos like that???

Nice work !!

Purty kewl!

I forgot to mention the R/C kit. While The Train Dept says it is “r/c ready”, I was looking at the UK dealer’s site and found a this:
Heisler R/C Kit 25428: + £57.00

I queried Graham, the dealer about it and he responded:

The R/C kit comprises of a replacement reversing rod to connect to a servo (the reversing arm in the cab and the existing reversing rod are removed). 2 servos, 1 servo bracket mount for the regulator, a replacement R/C regulator arm plus the control rod and connectors. A replacement bunker cover with the cut outs for the switch and charger socket and an assembled wiring loom including the switch and charger socket.
You will need to find the rechargeable batteries, transmitter and receiver, they are not included.

I have one on order, along with the UK English instructions. When I get the final quote I will post the cost in an edit here.

Edit: The invoice says £47.50 for the r/c gear, and £22 for shipping (with a bunch of other stuff.) Thats $59 plus about $25 for shipping. And I bought a copy of the English instructions from Graham at the same time.

I posted a separate thread about my efforts to make the kit version.