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Reference: Sources for Gifts for the Non-Railroaders in One's Life

My faves… no judgment here please…

All time favorite, these guys have been around for decades and I’ve bought a number of items over the years. Pretty sure Danimal got his horsehead here (or snagged the photo). Explore the bacon products!

I accidentally stumbled across this today, during a work-related google. Very interesting stuff, though a bit expensive because it’s Brit.

And later, OK I’ll admit I looked for weird crap products, I found this site. Lots of McPhee stuff, but brings raw crap in from other sources.

Obviously, there’s Amazon. So if you need something awesome in 2 days or whatever, certain guides might help, such as this one.

And if you’re in the mood for funny products, but don’t want to buy anything, there’s always…

Check the older vid’s from Poo Pourri…

OK, my sincere apologies. Perhaps you can tell I’m on a business trip, bored in a hotel room while avoiding what I’m supposed to be working on and wanting to check in with my buddies with a gift. Of sorts.