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Reference photos for modeling or weathering

I often find myself looking for good reference photos for specific things, such as old doors, windows, roof details, etc. So I’ve decided to put together some pages of photos for modelers to use as reference.




Weathered Wood:

Weathered Metal:

Sidewalks and Concrete:

Steel Drums:

These are just a start. Eventually I want to add more photos, and more topics. If you’d like to recommend a topic, just let me know.

I’ve done a lot more work on this… first of all, I created a Modeler’s Resource page to list all the links to specific topics:

I also added a lot more photos to the existing topics, and added several more topics, including Utilities (electric meters, fuse boxes, etc.); Cooling (swamp coolers, old A/C units, fans); Valves (pipes, fittings and valves); Signs; Windmills, Mailboxes, and Hydrants.

A couple of these topics don’t have very many photos yet, but eventually there will be more. And of course I’ll add more pics to all the topics, and new topics, as I get them.



Great work! I’ve saved a shortcut to it in my files. THX.

Yes thank you Ray, Also saved it. Regards,Ron

Thanks, Ray. That’s great to have such a nicely organized resource. Lots of good stuff there.

Great resources, Ray. Way to go!

Thanks Ray! There’s a ton of great stuff on your site. It’s cool that you share it. Very nice.