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Recovery of the Traveling Outhouse

The T.O. has been recovered and though rightly over shadowed by surrounding events, has moved on to it’s next stop.
Nope, I say no more. As always JMHO YMMV :innocent: :sunglasses:

Never seen it. No idea where it ended up.

I’ve said all I’ll say

That’s all fine, but my question is: does it still work properly?

I have my own.

Cheers, David Meashey

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Anyone know the where abouts of Johns incredible model ?

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It resides on the dining room hutch at Ken’s. An appreciated find for Bev


All because, Young Johnny Chuff Chuff, alias John Forestier, took the time to create a wonderful, comical likeness of the Ken Brunt, we all loved, and appreciated for his dedication to FRIENDSHIP, humor, and sharing. May he rest in our happy memories forever.
Fred Mills

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The “Official Travelling Outhouse” did in fact visit Canada during one of the “Invasions”, and was returned to some place “South of the border”. It probably travelled with Ken, Ric, or Bruce, on its return trip…I’m thinking that Ken took it back with him…
The border I mention, is the Canadian, USofA border…which is still peaceful and non-threatening to friendly neighbors.
Fred Mills

Must be a different border than the one WE crossed. We had to get OUT of the car and SIT for over 30 minutes while they did “SOMETHING” (they never told us WHY they treated us like criminals). At least they finally let us go…

Bruce; were you in possession of the travelling outhouse at the time…!!..that might have been the problem…!!!..??

Nope. Didn’t have anything out of the ordinary in the car at all - and they NEVER told us WHY! :angry:

The last time it was given to Ken it worked just fine.

I just checked out the Traveling Outhouse Award page and found that
the schematics are missing. Can anyone restore them?

Just in case some of you have NEVER seen it

It’s a FINE model made by Bob Hyman.


When the famous OUTHOUSE was on location here on the IPP&W; it was looked after by the IPP&W/RP&M passenger car cleaning staff at Craigleigh Station.
Searching back in the files of the manager of “Car cleaning, station cleaning, general cuspidor cleanliness, and septic tank drainage”. We see the one and only mention of the “Travelling hog shelter, outhouse, and portable test lighting of outhouse lighting”
Quote, "Was instructed to unload a portable contraction from an offline flat car (4 men…3 hours overtime) levelled the thing near to the Craigleigh station waiting room. Checked for rodents, other deposits, battery condition, supply of chopped up newspaper, and magazines deposited in rack (As per instruction sheet 2a) Sprayed for black flies, hornets, ants, snakes, and spiders. Checked that attached septic tank was empty, and not too foul smelling.
Found old wads of chew in some corners…and roof showing signs of leakage. Light bulb replaced, and door hinges lubricated.
(General impressions: waste of time…more labour was needed than is usually needed. All charges to be directed to the account of Vice president, passenger operations. Suggest that removing the locks on the doors of the two indoor privies, in the station would be of greater benefit to Passengers, and staff, at less cost )

 Final report:
      Testing of "Travelling Outhouse" on the IPP&W/RP&M...
 "Nice to see new modern inventions from outside the Eastern Ontario Region.  But, not appreciated by the cleaning staff. 

Travelling outhouse was cleaned, polished, (Three old picture books Enclosed for future sanitary use)and loaded on offline flat car…outbound destination, not revealed. All septic fluids removed and disposed of.". John R.E Leaf Company Clerk, assistant Cuspidor cleaner, IPP&W Railroad.

It might be of interest to some, that the IPP&W RailRoad has more “Cuspidor Cleaners” on staff than any other Railroad in the World, as we know it.
All are loyal members of some Union, whose name is only whispered in the ears of loyal members.
Most cuspidors have been stolen, or lost over the years, and the large staff is generally employed searching for all that are missing.
Two are known to be chained to the floor in Craigleigh Station, in the room of the Manager of cuspidor maintenance. One other was found at Firgrove Station, years ago, and promptly went missing. Another has been used for heating tea, in the sand house near the Craigleigh engine house, but often disappears to place(s) unknown. Only one has been known to be polished in the last five years, due to a complaint from the “Cuspidor Collectors Society, and several members of the Branch Railroadians’ Fellowship of the World” (Both are headquartered in Kazabasua, Quebec, Canada) There are rumors that a chapter of both can be located In “Toenail Ridge”, somewhere in the far Southern Hemisphere.
Don’t blame me for this report…I only type out what I’m paid to type…(Not much at that…!!)
Fred Mills

Thanks for posting these great pictures of my little Ken figure, David. It’s good to hear that he ended up right where he belongs, safe in Bev’s possession. I made a mold and cast three of these figures. I gave one to Father Fred, as Ken, way back, was the first of all our wonderful American Friends, even giving the Annual Invasion its name.

I own the third of these castings. When I first met Ken he told me he liked to hang out on his back porch and shoot at the squirrels, hence I placed him on his porch, armed and (not quite) ready, with a squirrel right there in plain sight under his porch. Among other details, I made sure he wore his characteristic U.S. cavalryman’s cap and much treasured purple heart. May our beloved friend rest in piece. John Le Forestier (Johnnychuffchuff)


I personally would like one if you decide to relive the mold.

I hear ya & we’ll see. No plans to do any figures for the foreseeable, but if/when I do, you’ll get a Ken. Cheers.