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Rebuild LGB Diesel Rio Grande #2056

Just a few pics of a LGB diesel rebuild for my Ft. Worth & South-Western RR. I took the engine apart as I do on all my repaints and painted the engine in somewhat a T&P paint scheme. I installed Rail Pro with battery power and did a few changes to the body, I added a second headlight with a Mars Light, etc. Modeling in LGB scale I’m pretty much limited to what I can run on my railroad as other manufactured like USA trains at 1/29 scale just don’t match up in size very well. I do use the USA Trains woodside reefers and boxcars as they do go with the LGB freight cars. I’ve been into LGB for some 40 years, it’s too late to change scale at my age. I just like modeling in what I call Standoff Scale, it’s a model airplane scale used my models for planes to fly better then scale. Sorry for no pics, I didn’t see where the add pics button is, sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not, why does this happen. trainman

trainman, When I open the reply box it has symbols across the top for functions. About mid way across there is a dark rectangle with an arrow pointing up That’s the load pics, files button Easy to do now :sunglasses:

Heh…I never even noticed THAT! I just drag and drop… :innocent:

I think the upload pics buttons don’t happen when you are “composing” the first message or something like that. I’ve got one now, so I am grabbing the screen image and I will upload it and also drag-and-drop it (Click on the file, drag it to the LSC page ‘reply’ box and release.)

Both schemes produced the same result.

Thanks for the posting info, trainman

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Nice conversion. Those ex-White Pass LGB locos are good runners.

True on running the LGB White Pass (2055) and Rio Grande (2056) models, with Rail Pro they are so smooth and slow you can hardly see them move. I never knew that LGB engines could run so well at slow speeds, it’s the way Rail Pro sends power to the motors makes all the difference. My LGB Rio Grande #50 runs the same way on Rail Pro.


Conversion looks great John. That first pic: You are WAY too organized!

Yep. They Low Speed Enhance setting pulses the power to get things to move. Locos with good gearing will run at unbelievably slow speeds. I’ve had a few issues where I turned the speed down until the loco stopped then switched away from it forgetting to reduce the power to 0%. When I came back, the loco was not where I left it, but you can’t see it moving!