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Ready for the new tenants!

I’ve been keeping bees on and off for years. Decided to give the hives a fresh coat of paint and some 3d printed windows and doors.

Hehe… nice!

yep! Nice work. Puts a whole new meaning to the term ‘Worker Bees’(

Very cool. But where are the ten ants?

Dan, as a beekeeper myself, I love the facelift. Very unique.

Ray Dunakin said:

Very cool. But where are the ten ants?

Reminds me of something that happened years ago. It was spring and my dad had come by to help with some tree pruning when we heard a loud humming noise on the other side of the house. When we went to investigate we found a swarm of bees at war with ants that had taken up residence in a hive that had been empty since fall. We watched as the battle raged between the two colonies until my wife rang us for lunch. Upon return, we were saddened to find a large pile of mostly bees on the ground and the ants still held the “castle”. About an hour later, we heard the familiar loud humming again and returned to observe another siege. This time the bees were victorious! I’m not sure if the second attack was same swarm re-grouped or maybe a different one but anyway, I got Freebees!