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Reading and Northern 2102 return to the rails

The Reading & Northern has gone threw some restorations.

I got a chance to ride behind and view this beautiful machine.

This video has some great shots of the event

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Wowzers. I didn’t know she / they were running. Where is the center of operations again? And where were you in the boarding?

I was in the second car behind the tender , red # 210 …in some videos I can see myself if I stop the video …creepy Hey …
I boarded in Port Clinton .

Such a gorgeous yard / switch / interlock (?) tower model, sorry for not making the connection earlier Rooster.

I’m not very familiar with PA RR’s (yet).

I was going to blame that on my being a Californian transplant, but don’t want to incur the wrath of the Westies! So, just call me historically lazy, on the PA side.

Really want to visit Reading and Scranton and other areas like those in my retirement, if not sooner.


Thanks so much for the photos and videos!

I rode one of the first Iron Horse Rambles in October of 1959, when I was 13 years old. 2100 and 2124 did the honors. 2100 had the originally installed “hooty” freight whistle. 2124 had the chime whistle from a G3sas passenger Pacific. I suspect 2102 has something similar.

Just a bit of trivia. It seems strange to hear “Port” used for town names in the mountains, but they really were ports. Coal barges for the Schuylkill Canal were loaded in those towns.

Best Wishes, David Meashey

Glad you got to do this Sean.

I was supposed to be there with Ralph Berg (Mista B) and his friend Jay, chasing and shooting pictures. I got cold feet when the credit card bill for our prep for son’s family visit arrived and backed out. As it turns out, I had a family commitment one of the two days and a doctor visit on the other.

You surly missed out…It is even better when you knew some one who helped out with the restoration .