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I’ve removed the thread about Rick Isard from public view. You want to know what happens when some members start complaining and commenting about other members? Do they get private messages? Do they handle it themselves? No, I get the private messages, saying “you must do something” or “so and so is being mean” or “you have to control him”. Dozens of them.

No, I mustn’t do anything. All of you are (allegedly) adults, and can handle your own affairs. Leave me out of it. Message each other with your bitching, not me. Don’t like someone’s post? Put on your big-boy pants and message THEM and tell them you don’t like it. You all continue to forget the “be nice” policy I have, and start digging into each other, or pushing the limits of what I will put up with, and then asking ME to clean up the mess. But you never hear the complaints. I hear the complaints.

Knock it off.

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You tell them Bob. I agree with you 100%. People need to just ignore things and move on.


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For the record. I stayed out of the nonsense this time, and was not one of them who tattled to Bob

Thanks Bob for your pulling the plug and keeping the site clean