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My husband has a habit of getting into conversations with anybody and everybody about anything and everything. It’s annoying at times but it frequently gets us some interesting items. While at a little country antique store recently a conversation ended up with one of the ladies working there stating that she had a box of railroad china she wanted to get rid of. It was a B&O Railroad Centenary pattern and there 7 or 8 each dinner plates, small (bread?) plates, saucers and cups. Not being able right then to figure out just what it all was I made what I was sure was a pretty low-ball offer and she accepted it.

The smaller plates ended up being manufactured by Shendango, the rest was Scammell Lamberton with a date stamp meaning it was actually made by Sterling so they’d date to the late 40-s to early 50’s. The plates all have utensil marks so it’s likely they were actually used in dining car service. So they’re not the most valuable versions of the china but still worth 3 or 4 times what we paid for them.

Sophie B

Dismal Creek Railroad

Never got into Dinner ware, but I have a few pieces of RR stuff. A Milwaukee Rd switch stand, a couple Xing signs, a caboose stove, some lanterns and some stamped tools. Most of it came from my late sister who was a yard sale, swap meet and auction fan.

I have some UP dinnerware and tea pot, some glasses and this and that. Like to sell it, but not sure what to ask, not fired up about shipping it though. May try locally someday.