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Railroad photos treasure trove

My wife and I went to a local estate sale this morning. The late gentleman’s family were from out of state and selling everything. He was a model railroader - HO scale - I’m not doing any HO, and the bulk of it was sold before I got there.

However, in his workshop, my wife found a metal file box full of envelopes of photos/negatives, all of railroad subjects. There are locomotives, and cars and trestles, and buildings, including detail shots of stuff. Near as we can figure there are around 1500 photos. We picked them up. We are planning to scan them in and place them on the cloud so they aren’t somehow lost. Not sure what else we will do with them.

Suggestions are welcome.

I would at least contact The Center for Railroad Photography & Art.
(Center for Railroad Photography & Art – Publisher of Railroad Heritage® / Creator of the Railroad® pictorial site)"

They are accepting donated collections and scanning them for online viewing.

I second what Pete said. The center has been running lectures, and events over zoom during the pandemic and I joined as I quite liked the on line content. Great way to spend a hour or two.


Classic Trains magazine would probably be interested in them.

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Here’s a direct link:

If the photos focus on one or just a few particular railroads, the associated historical / fans / friends societies would surely be interested.