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Railroad parades

While waiting for a late zoom meeting, I’ve been watching some old footage of railroad parades.

1927, in Baltimore (a lot of the earlier ones are still in the B&O museum, some were recreations):

1930, in Liverpool (tho the only thing moving was the dancers):

1939, in NY (4:15-8:45):

Late 1940’s, Chicago:

Kinda lame from 1991, in Sacramento:

And a trolley pageant in 2013 in IL:

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That zoom meeting must have been really late!

Liverpool & Manchester 150th, from 1980:

Note all the working (replica) locomotives.

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Thanks Pete! Wow, so many gorgeous old gals steamed up at once. Amazing. Must have had a huge crew.

In a couple weeks a couple of us (me and Jim R) will be seeing a pageant of locos in Carson City, should be a blast! Anyone else going?