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Railroad Hobby Show

RCS of New England will be attending the show, we are in the Mallory building next to Pioneer Valley Live Steamers. Will have lots of battery radio control kits, single battery packs, chargers, and connectors, Phoenix and Dallee sound. Z-Stuff operating signals.

New this year will be a collection for sale. Over 144 pieces. Accucraft, Aristo Craft, Bachman, Delton, LGB, LGB Wilson Circus Train, MDC cars and limited runs of USA billboard cars and used USA S4 locos with battery Phoenix systems.

Bachmann cars for $40 ea. or by 4 get the 5th car free. New Bachmann Anni for $230 get a free car. LGB F7 ABA set detailed for NYC, $1100. LGB Moguls $375-$450. Delton C-16 Locos still in the box! $325 ea.

Bring a trailer I do not want to take this trains home!!

See you at the show.

Are there any AMS freight cars in the collection?


See you @ the show!


Hi Bob, I have the following: 3 -AMS logging disconnects $70 ea. 1-AMS Jackson and Sharp coach #306 for $225, 4 car set of AML Woodside Reefers $320. , 6-AMS Pacific Fruit Reefers $60 ea or $300 for set. I have forty Bachmann large scale cars for $40 ea. I will have these at the show.



Hi Troops,
Heading up to West Springfield today with a trailer filled with stuff!!! Tomorrow is setup.
THE M-P G Scale (CCTGG) group will be setup in the middle of the Young Bldg. in area # 84, stop by and visit us.
Weather looks good, so should be a decent showing.

Hope ya all have a safe but fun trip and show !

doug c

p.s. who has area 51, do they slip in some drones ?

I have my modules loaded in the U-Haul trailer. Now what trains to bring. I always bring too many. Everytime I carry about 15 totes upstairs from the basement I think an HO guy could have brought up a 100 cars in one of my totes. At least being a largescaler will keep me in better shape so I live longer to enjoy my trains…


Deb and I finally figured out how to get our two new modules plus extensions, building and even some trains into a Prius. Should be a fun weekend.

Any one visiting the show is most welcome to visit the NHGRS layout and chat.


Want to thank all who attended the Big Railroad Show last weekend at the Big E fairgrounds. Total count was just over 23,000 attendees. The best part is meeting those folks you only chat with on the forum.

Saw some new products and made contacts with more manufacturers. Battery based systems were a hot product. MRC talked about a remote battery system and I saw a prototype of a HO system installed inside a GP-38 like diesel. Using a 3.6v lithium cell with a voltage multiplier that ran a dcc decoder and 2.4GHZ radio. The size of your thumb nail! USA made.

I had a chance to operate the Bachmann E-Z App Bluetooth system. Nicely done interface for a tablet or smart phone and smooth operation. Just buy a E-Z App loco for under $200 and download the APP. That’s it. Now to get it battery based!

See you at the next show. Don

More shows to attend. Battery Radio Control Systems, LGB Locos, Used & New Trains , Signals, etc.

March 19 & 20, Greenberg Train Show, Wilmington MA. At the Shriners Auditorium

March 25 & 26 ECLSTS, York, PA . See RCS America/Cordless Renovation booth.

April 10, O & S scale Train Show, Hudson, MA. Hudson’s Elk Hall

April 17, Connecticut Valley Model RR Club, North Sutton, NH. Kearsarge Middle School