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RailPro test WP&Y yard goat

Rail Pro in the goat, Battery in trailing car.
Please ignore the BNSF freight that tried to hog the camera. :grinning:

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I put Rail Pro in my Rio Grande # 50, same engine as your WP&Y. I removed the grill and cut out the grille between the bars and installed a mesh material, so my speaker would let the sound come out the front grill. I also installed the battery in the cab, removing the seat on the right side, you really can’t tell it’s in the cab, hard to see from the outside. I used a smaller battery with about one hour run time, it’s a switcher so I use it very little, never ran out of battery as of yet during run sessions. These are great little engines, I even have an extra new one in the box, will probably never need it. Some pics you might like,

I have a 50 as well. Like you mentioned, they are great little engines.

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I like how you hid the switch & jack in the duct. Nice clean install.

Thanks, I did trim the attachment tabs just a little to make it snap on and off easier. The handrail looks like it is in the way of the charging plug, but the power cable does clear the handrail post. In the pic you can see the speaker taped to the top of the hood and the Rail Pro module attached to the bottom of the engine area, the battery could fit into this area, but I decided to put it in the cab and you really can’t see it without looking for it. I can believe how slow this engine rums with Rail Pro as does my other LGB engines. Here is a pic of my two LGB diesels with Rail Pro

repainted and customized to my railroad, The Fort Worth & South-Western railroad, note engine has a front lower headlight that has a Mars light in it.