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Not wanting to interrupt the ongoing Rail Pro thread, I thought I would start a new one.
I’m looking in to using this system (Battery) on a new engine.

Which forum member uses this product (As a battery powered).

LIkes, dislikes, ???

John, I have RailPro in 2 Shay’s and love the operation. However the steam sound pretty much sucks once your use to Phoenix. They tell me that the diesel sound is very good.
Jon Radder is the man you want to talk with.

Oh, I am all dead rail.

You could ask @ Don_Sweet1
He is very knowledgeable with the Raail Pro

@John_Bouck I have installed RailPro in 5 Steam locomotives, two diesels, a trail car and a caboose. More than happy to help you out. We can chat on the phone if you like. PM me your number and I’ll reply with mine. I don’t answer call from numbers I don’t know.

When you are ready to buy either Don Sweet or Robby Drascote (sp? RLD Hobbies) are both very knowledgeable and will steer you right :smiley:

The problem with the steam sounds is the chuff sync. They implemented a trigger input from the loco, but it seems that the input is still only a suggestion and the chuff still seems to be a program. Shays have one speed, chuffing or not and other sounds tend to continue well after the loco stops.

I wanted the simplicity of a single board install, so I sold off all my Phoenix boards. If you have them, you may want to keep them. The bell, whistle and other effects can be triggered from RP.

Check out this thread: RailPro: What are your Likes and Dislikes?

I also have several others on installs.

Thanks, Jon!
I have listened to the sound samples and the dismals sound good enough for me. Haven’t checked the steam samples yet.
I joined the Railpro FB group that you are in.
I downloaded all the manuals from Ring and looking through them.

The Facebook group is of questionable value. Folks ask legitimate questions and they get back all kinds of crazy wrong answers mixed in with one or two correct. Posters usually choose one of the wrong answer posters to interact with an waste more time. A much better resource is the Rail Pro User Group site: RailPro User Group It has a very low amount of traffic, but questions are answered quickly by folks who know what they are talking about.

I only have Rail Pro in 3 diesels, all LGB, 2055, 2056, and 2063, no steam yet, but I do have 2 LGB Moguls ready to go if I want steam engines in my modern-day railroading, which I don’t think I do at this time. I run battery power and no track power, that’s the way I want it. Rail Pro works great and some of the best features for me are the MU of other engines and how well they run together, plus all the lighting features that Rail Pro offers, I personally like my Mars Headlight and how well it flashes and works, plus all my lights, headlights, interior lights, running lights, etc. are all on separate functions which I enjoy turning then on and off for realism.

Pic of LGB Diesel with front Mars Light added on front hood, looks and works great.

I have never taken a locomotive apart and after watching a couple of videos on how to , I jumped in with both feet, I am now starting in on my 6th locomotive as soon as the parts get here. It is great sound, it’s is fairly easy to install, the MU capabilities are simple and it speed matches locomotives so that a Dash 9 Aristocraft can run as easy as pie with a USA F 3, which when they were on track power the F 3’s ran from the dash 9. No real issues with them I like them!

I’m a Diesel Railroad. I started with LocoLinc back when it was either that or RCS in the 90’s. I liked it because you could run multiple engines from one transmitter. I switched to Airwire because the range was better. I recently went all in with Railpro because of the ease of MU’ing diesel consists. ( I had to get the manual out every time I tried in Airwire.) The ease of controlling all my diesels and matching different manufacturers speeds was what sold me. The fact it comes with sound and you can change it so easy is a plus. Also the fact you can set up the control buttons for lights and sound the way you want them. The control screens are easy to navigate.