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RailPro Install

Hi Pete, I use my old MRC power pack. It has a volt and amp meter so I can see trouble early on. I test lights at 3 volts if I do not see resistors in line to those lights. If resistors increase to 5 volts. Then switch polarity, if they stay on it is a bulb. If too dim increase voltage to 14 or 18V. Did you know that RailPro can reduce the bulb voltage if you think is it too bright!! Pretty cool.

I am at a show this weekend but will send you lighting procedures on Monday.


Well RailPro called today and said the fuse was blown. So somehow something touched, I think an un assigned wire touched something like a weight,( my guess) anyway $44.00 and it’s on its way back to me. while waiting I ordered some more lights so I may add ditch lights and use the 2 wires that are not used so far. So in about a week or 2 I should be making noise and rolling down the track. Looking forward to hearing it and seeing run in its own!!!

Been there, done that, only with the AM-1 accessory module. Learned my lesson to not try and use inputs and outputs in undocumented/supported ways.

Triple check all your connections and insulate unused wires before power up this time (

Well I got the RailPro module back installed and everything is working fine ! The sound is great and so far I have nothing to complain about . I have been running it all last weekend and it has been running for about 4 hours and still has about half a charge. I am planning on getting more .

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