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Railpro Install in a USA Trains Alcoa PA-B

I am helping a fellow garden railroad club member install 2 Railpro modules in his USA Trains Alcoa PA-B. One in each unit. Is there anything I need to be careful of when doing this project. He already has an older Airwire system he wants changed out.

I’m a steam guy and not into the Diesel scene. (not meaning to offend anyone :innocent:

I appreciate any help you can give!


Hey Richard - I’ve not done any 1:29 diesels, but I know the Railpro system really well. I’m happy to answer any specific questions.

One gotcha’ that seems to bite a lot of new installs is how lighting works. Railrpo switches the ground. Lights need common positive of the proper voltage and resistor if needed, then connect the ground to a Railpro lighting output.

Hi Jon,

I really appreciate the offer of help to install. I’m going to try and do it over my Christmas break (I’m a teacher) so will probably reach out at that time. My first install will be my Bachmann 2-truck shay.


One Rail Pro module will power and work both the A and B units, no need for two modules. Just run the motor leads from the front unit to the rear unit. You can also run lights, horn, bell, anything that is in the A unit first module can be run to the B unit. Just save that second module for another engine ($170).

Awesome!! Thank you for the advice.